The Power of Flexibility in Your Supermarket with Our POS

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POS that Flexes with Your Supermarket

Don’t get locked into a point of sale that doesn’t give you access to your data. With IT Retail’s open platform, grocers have access to all of their data, using it to customize their POS and store operations.


We’ve taken the headache out of the point of sale.
Payment Freedom

Our POS works with EMV, Debit, EBT Food, EBT Cash, gift cards, checks, eWIC, and more. We let stores take all of the standard grocery forms of payments, so you never have to turn away a paying customer.

PCI Compliant

We only deploy PCI-compliant environments. We have been certified for our direct interfaces into Firserv as well as our gateway interfaces.

Built for the Future

We believe that our point of sale back office can always be more insightful, and our register more seamless. We never stop innovating.

Online Grocery

The future of grocery includes delivery and pickup. That’s why our solution integrates into several of the best online platforms available.


At IT Retail, we know that having a real competitive advantage requires a powerful POS solution. Not only does IT Retail provide the industry standard for grocery POS, it provides a full development platform to extend the capabilities of your store. We built our platform to give you full customization ability — so if you can dream it, you can build it.

Partnering with IT Retail means you’re already using the best point of sale for independent grocery stores. Our suite of reports was built for grocers by grocers, meaning that you’re getting a curated set of valuable insights for your business. Our open platform allows you to infinitely extend this functionality. It’s not just the best POS for grocery stores, but it’s the best POS for your grocery store. Own your data, use your data, join the platform.







What makes IT Retail truly special is all of our integrations. Our software is expandable through the wide list of third-party integrations
and interfaces we make available to users.

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Label Creation
Business Operations Control
Back Office Management
Online Grocery
Online Grocery
Online Grocery
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Data Analytics Platform
Electronic Coupons
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“IT Retail has everything that we were looking for in a POS system. Our main issue with our previous system [was support]. But since switching to IT Retail, they have gone above and beyond, ensuring that no problem is overlooked and catering to our every need. Everyone has been wonderful and willing to help. We are very happy with IT Retail. If you’re looking for a POS system with friendly customer service, reliable programmers, and state-of-the-art, detailed reporting systems, IT Retail is hands down the best option available.”
Ron Kerr
Choice Market
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“Gives business owners the data they need in a helpful, easy-to-reference format. From the start we were very impressed with the friendliness of IT Retail’s installation team. The system itself is vastly more user friendly then all our previous POS systems. IT Retail’s systems have also really helped us gain control over our pricing structure by providing us with more in-depth pricing data. IT Retail enables us to closely track our customers and cater to our customers, ultimately making our store more profitable.”
Megan LaGree
LaGree’s Food Stores

A Fully-Featured POS Solution

All of the Features Needed and More

The reason that we have been able to stay in business for 25 years is that we are focused on helping our customers succeed. Our back office comes with tons of reports and management tools to organize your employees and products most effectively.

Multi-Store Management

Our solutions are built to help grocers grow. Many of our users started as one grocery store and have grown to add tens of grocery stores. Our management suite has been essential to fueling that growth.

An Open Platform

Technical users have built hundreds of custom reports using the SQL server and custom features using our SDK.

Inventory Management

Our mobile inventory systems are in a class of their own. We use CipherLab's technology to provide our mobile inventory and reporting solution.

Grocery Focused

EBT, eWIC (online), and eWIC offline are all supported by IT Retail. We have powerful discounts, full support for scanner scales, customer displays, and signature-capture PIN pads.

Easy to Learn

Our touchscreens are intuitive and user-friendly — the result of years of market research and optimization. Our team takes design very seriously.

Fully Customizable

Add custom buttons or rearrange the layout with our simple configuration editor. Every store is different, and that is why we make it really easy to customize your touchscreen the way you want.

PCI Compliant

We support a PCI compliant direct interface into First Data, as well as support for multiple gateways which are also PCI compliant.

World-Class Support

Our support team is world-class. When you speak with any of our customers, the first thing they talk about is our support team. We believe our product is the best point of sale for grocery, but even more, we believe that we have the best support team of all grocery point of sale providers.

Enable independence for customers. 

Improve Checkout Convenience
Tailor your self-service checkout experience for the busy shopper. Increased convenience at checkout gets customers through the store faster, meaning you can process more transactions with less staff.
Accelerate Store Operations & Services
Most grocery stores dedicate one associate for two to six self-checkout kiosks. Self-checkout saves on labor costs, allowing more associates to support and serve shoppers by eliminating the need for one-lane cashiers.
Multiple Service Modes
You can switch between cashier-assisted and self-service modes for optimal performance. Match your checkout experience to your customers’ needs.

Retail Professional's Point of Sale Features List

Our retail POS has all the features you need for a seamless experience. From user-friendly front end registers and software to advanced back office tools and secure payment processing options, we've got you covered. Experience efficiency and reliability with our all-in-one solution.

Customer Success Stories

Hear real stories and testimonials from our happy customers, and what they have to say about us.

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